Rick Collins Published in Atticus

Article Highlights The Very Real Problem of “Rogue Informants” and Framing …and Recounts How Rick Cleared an Innocent Client’s Name

It may happen more often than people think: an innocent person is framed for steroids or other drugs. Even more concerning is the fact that “rogue informants” may be to blame for “set ups” and subsequent arrests of innocent people involving steroids …and can unjustly ruin the reputations, and lives, of those who have been framed.

The topic of “rogue informants” and what happens when an innocent person is framed is a topic of great interest to both lawyers and the general community – and Rick Collins has just been published in Atticus providing insight on this important issue. In the article, Rick — who last year successfully cleared the name of a competitive female bodybuilder charged with the sale of an anabolic steroid – recounted not only the details of how he uncovered the truth in this important case, but provided important lessons learned about the very real issue of framing in the steroid arena … and the critical aspect of good criminal defense when it comes to steroid law.

Rick’s enlightening article is in the current issue of Atticus – the prestigious publication of the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NYSACDL), which covers issues confronting criminal defense practitioners. It’s a topic, and case, that’s important to know and read about … with far-reaching implications when it comes to steroids, the law – and the very real issue of being framed. As highlighted in the article, Rick and his team at Collins, McDonald & Gann are committed to doing whatever it takes to uncover the truth in cases like this – having not only exonerated this particular client, but confirming the innocence, and clearing the names, of countless others.

If you or someone you know is in need of legal counsel regarding anabolic steroids and the law, Rick and his team of steroid lawyers are available 24/7 to help exonerate and clear the names of those accused of steroid-related crimes. Call us at 516-294-0300, or email Rick directly at [email protected]

To read Rick’s published article in Atticus, click here.