Dietary Supplement Lawyers Experienced in Handling Warning Letters, 483s, FTC/NAD Investigations and other Emergencies in the Dietary Supplement Industry

Do you need a dietary supplement lawyer, FDA lawyer, FTC lawyer, and DSHEA lawyer equipped to handle a recent FDA Warning Letter or FDA 483 inspection, a Better Business Bureau (“BBB”) National Advertising Division or FTC false and misleading advertising claim, a class action lawsuit, a letter from a state district attorney demanding claim substantiation, or an adverse event report claim from a consumer?

With the recent rise in negative press for dietary supplements, it is no surprise that FDA, FTC, the BBB’s National Advertising Division, district attorney’s offices, class action suits and adverse event report claims haunt the dietary supplement industry.  Tainted and adulterated dietary supplements have been linked to serious illnesses, and given the size and continued growth of the dietary supplement market, there is no sign that FDA, FTC, the BBB’s National Advertising Division, district attorney’s offices, or plaintiff’s class action firms or personal injury firms will relent.  It is now more important than ever to have an experienced dietary supplement lawyer, FDA lawyer, FTC lawyer, and DSHEA lawyer on your side.

When a dietary supplement company is faced with an emergency situation surrounding FDA or FTC investigation or enforcement, there are a bevy of agencies and offices that may come knocking at your  door.  Prevention is the best medicine, and having effective legal counsel in the dietary supplement industry from the outset can help stave off threats from government agencies and private law firms.  However, when the worst happens, you need the help of counsel experienced in DSHEA, FDA law and FTC law.  Whether it is an FDA Warning Letter or FDA Form 483, FDA has become active in prowling for adulterated, mislabeled, or misbranded dietary supplements, as well as for ensuring Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance.  FTC false and misleading advertising actions are another potential pitfall for dietary supplement companies.  The BBB’s National Advertising Division may also ask for claim substantiation regarding the validity of the statements on labels and in advertising.  Similarly, state district attorney’s offices police advertising claims of dietary supplement companies, and take legal action if they believe that a company is making unsubstantiated claims.  Finally, consumers file class action or personal injury lawsuits against dietary supplement companies for claims ranging from false and misleading advertising to personal injury and death.  A dietary supplement lawyer, FDA lawyer and FTC lawyer well-versed in DSHEA, FDA law and FTC law can help minimize your legal exposure to potentially serious legal consequences.

Rick Collins, Alan Feldstein, and the law firm of Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC are experienced dietary supplement lawyers, FDA lawyers and FTC lawyers.  Our team has helped dietary supplement companies survive FDA Form 483s and FDA Warning Letters for adulterated, misbranded, and mislabeled products, district attorney’s office investigations, BBB’s National Advertising Division and FTC false and misleading advertising claims, adverse event report claims and class action lawsuits.  We have successfully handled legal emergencies in state and federal courts throughout the United States.  Call us anytime at 516-294-0300.  We’re always here to help!

If you have a legal matter or question surrounding dietary supplement law/FDA Law, or are faced with an FDA Warning Letter or possible supplement recall, you need  experienced counsel, straight answers and prompt attention.  Call the dietary supplement lawyers of Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC., at 516-294-0300 today to discuss how we can help in all aspects of dietary supplement law. We may be reached via facsimile at 516-294-0477 or by email at

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