Rick Collins Featured In This Month’s Men’s Fitness Magazine

Rick Addresses Differences Between Performance Enhancing Drugs and Supplements, and Offers Insight into Dietary Supplement Law and Current Supplement Regulation

10299547_10152797456354447_6954748010422039304_nRick Collins is featured in this month’s Men’s Fitness magazine – where he provides important legal information about the differences between steroids and supplements, and addresses some of the legal issues surrounding fitness supplements and dietary supplements.  The article is featured in the May issue of the popular consumer magazine, which is one of the most widely read publications in the men’s health and fitness industry with an audience of more than 8 million for the print edition (and more than 5 million website viewers each month.)

In the article — entitled “Supps in Flux” — Rick addresses some of the confusion that exists between steroids and dietary supplements, and legal issues regarding supplements and performance enhancing drugs.  In particular, the article addresses issues and questions about testosterone cream and injectable human growth hormone (HGH) stemming from publicity surrounding the Alex Rodriquez case last summer.   Rick, who is noted in the article to be “one of the foremost experts on supplement law in the country”, offers insight into the legal issues involving testosterone and HGH – noting specific HGH regulations and the ramifications of testosterone possession without a prescription.

Rick goes on to provide readers with additional insight into the safety of legal supplements — noting that dietary supplements are regulated as foods and not drugs, and pointing to the differences between dietary supplement products and prescription drug products like testosterone and HGH — which are synthetic versions of the hormones themselves.

You can read the entire article in this month’s Men’s Fitness —  and  learn more of Rick’s legal insight into supplement regulation, supplement law and the differences between anabolic steroids and supplements, CLICK HERE.  If you have any additional questions about supplement law and legal questions about fitness supplements, or about anabolic steroids legal issues, call Rick anytime at 516-294-0300 or email him at RCollins@supplementcounsel.com.