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FDA/FTC Joint Warning Letters Highlight Importance of Proper Legal Review of All Materials


Last week, the FDA and FTC issued joint Warning Letters to multiple supplement companies calling out disease claims made on their websites and social media. Warning Letters cause more than public embarrassment, as now these companies face the possibility of expensive recalls and even disgorgement of profits. The FDA and FTC also announced a renewed effort aimed at enforcing current regulations and “more rapidly” communicating potential safety issues with the public.

Considering that the FDA and FTC are shining an ever-brighter light on the dietary supplement industry, now is the time to have the experienced regulatory counsel at CGMB review labels, packaging, website, and advertising materials. Having your materials reviewed in advance is a much more economical approach to compliance than responding to FDA or FTC actions taken against your company. Don’t wait until the government sends a Warning Letter to ensure that you’re in proper regulatory compliance.

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