THE LATEST COVER STORY ON SUPPLEMENTS: The Industry Braces Itself as FDA Claims Consumers are “Put at Risk by Supplement Companies’ Manufacturing Woes”

Today’s Newsday features a negative cover story on the supplement industry – noting that a top FDA official has claimed that “about 70 percent of the nation’s supplement companies have run afoul of the US Food and Drug Administration’s manufacturing regulations over the past five years.” With its attention-grabbing headlines stating “Buyer Beware” and “The Trouble with Vitamins”, the story is sure to alarm many consumers with tales of consumers “sickened by supplements” and reports of quality control issues.

Historically, the mainstream media have been particularly biased in their portrayal of the supplement industry, almost always choosing hyperbolic and negative slants. Surely, far more disturbing pieces could be written about the pharmaceutical industry, but they rarely are. Still, the facts contained in this piece reinforce that’s it’s time for the careless, lazy, and shady segments of the dietary supplement industry to clean up … or get out.

Meanwhile, earnest and responsible supplement companies should expect continued scrutiny of their manufacturing and marketing practices in the months ahead, and an even greater focus on compliance from FDA. If you or anyone you know in the industry has questions about legal issues surrounding the manufacturing and marketing of supplements, or are in need of legal counsel in this complex area, call us at 516-294-0300.

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