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Jay is everything you could want in an attorney. Helped us understand guidelines and best practices so we could make the tough decisions needed while always moving forward. He’s our guy!
Thorough, responsive, knowledgeable, and practical


When I first met Mr. Collins I was put instantly at ease. His knowledge and calm confidence of my situation was a huge stress relief. There is simply no one who is better qualified to handle my situation. Mr. Collins has my complete trust as my attorney. He is very personable and exudes genuine confidence. I know I am in the best hands possible.  I will absolutely recommend him!!


Jonathan is the first lawyer that I've worked with, and I've worked with a bunch, who was professional, experienced, and understood that sometimes you've just got to get things done. Thank you for all the assistance.
Great Experience


I own and operate a sports nutrition dietary supplement company, so I chose to retain Rick Collins and the SupplementCounsel.com team for my legal and regulatory needs. They know everything there is to know about the industry, the laws governing it, and the biggest areas of risk. Rick and his team’s stellar reputation is known industry-wide, and I’m happy to say that I benefit from it. In fact, when I was having an issue getting into a potential distributor’s chain of stores, I mentioned that I retained Rick Collins and his colleagues and I received an application ten minutes later. The industry is changing. You’d be crazy to launch a supplement brand without having the lawyers at Supplement Counsel on retainer. They’re the best.
Legal and Regulatory Needs

Eric D.

Jonathan carefully reviewed two of our nutritional products/services websites and did a great job of identifying potential problem areas, helping us to stay compliant with regulations. Much appreciated!
Regulatory Review


I just want to say how pleased I am after Hiring Rick for my case this past year. I was very happy with the out come. I really feel had I hired a different attorney for my case I believe that I may not be so fortunate. I would highly recommend Rick for his expertise and he is one of the top and guys in his field.


I had already paid $500 with another company but I did not feel that my legal was fully compliant so I had a chat with Jon who straight away pointed out what was wrong and worked with me to perfect the copy until I was satisfied. Highly recommend.


Rick Collins is the best of the best. He does not quit. He's very strategic with his clients and how he professionally goes about doing his job. His knowledge is unmatched. He doesn't just talk, he puts in the work and myself as a client see it in his actions. A lot of lawyers talk talk talk, Rick presents, shows and puts into action. I can tell you 100% if your in a situation with concern, Rick through his knowledge and constant motivation will set you at peace, you just sit back and let Rick do his job and this is one attorney that actually will.


Jonathan has been outstanding to work with from minute one. He reviewed our supplement sales page within one day of request, reviewed our product label within one day, and he's responded to one-off questions within minutes, in many instances. Many attorneys - and other professionals, for that matter - could learn from the standards Jonathan has set.
Impeccable Service


Jay has helped with some product labels for us and could not be more detailed and efficient. He always there to answer questions and provide feedback. Highly recommended for his knowledge and kindness!
So Helpful!!